I am a beginner and I felt the yoga class was just right. Our instructor was able to modify parts of the session for more advanced students and also gave us options if we could not perform a particular move/strength. I felt comfortable and knew I had the freedom to do what I can and what was comfortable to me. I look forward to the next session.

T. White

Program Director

Thank you again for organizing our fitness sessions! I am excited to go back. It was awesome to have yoga at the end of the day, as I went home feeling refreshed and energized!


Big Brothers Big Sister

Working in a manufacturing company has given me the opportunity to work with Chenel Darby as our Wellness Champion. She was well versed in maintaining healthy life choices which helped all our 450 associates.  From healthy food choices to improving sleeping patterns our associates and myself learned many ways of living a healthier life style.  Chenel's hands on approach allowed our associates to feel comfortable talking to her about their own situations. Her personality was perfect for engaging everyone as she also gave group presentations on wellness living.
     As she lead our Wellness Team, her knowledge prepared us to answer questions and keep the wellness living drive going as she shared that knowledge with other Mars sites throughout the country. Having Chenel Darby as our Wellness Champion was a win win for all our associates and staff.

Thank you Chenel!
Karlos Fulton

I thought the yoga class balance was just right—I liked the intensity at the beginning and then how it slowed down at the end made me feel rejuvenated rather than totally exhausted.



It was nice not feeling lost even though it was my first yoga session.

M. Feltus