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Our Choice Wellness Team is a group of diverse and skilled professionals that work together to bring wellness, body and mind, in all aspects to ensure the best results.


Our mission is to be viewed by our clients as their best solution to combat rising healthcare costs. We are dedicated to increasing the financial health of the businesses we serve by improving the physical health of their employees. Our wellness programs will help employees make healthier lifestyle choices and also help business owners qualify for significant health insurance premium discounts and awards.


The Choice Wellness Company (CWC), was founded in 2015 to provide health and wellness strategies for conventional businesses seeking to flourish in the marketplace of today. As such, CWC helps business owners and organizational leaders identify winning strategies that demonstrate value to their employees, promote quality of life, and promote a thriving and viable workforce. 



Chenel Darby is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CWC, a company she started as a result of her passion for total wellness as a personal and professional standard to a balanced and quality choice lifestyle.


Ms. Darby has built a career focused on health and wellness. In 2015 she founded Choice Wellness Company where she is the CEO. Choice Wellness provides comprehensive health promotion and protection strategies implemented on-site at businesses, work locations and faith-based settings.

Typically, Choice Wellness works with business owners that are concerned about how poor employee health negatively impacts attendance, morale and overall effectiveness. They’re concern is how stress translates into lost productivity and employee engagement. Many are alarmed at the rising cost of employee healthcare and how it significantly impacts their bottom line. Choice Wellness provides tools, techniques and talks focused on reducing stress in the workplace leading to more happy and productive employees. 

The executive summary of the 2014 Research Report by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) clearly states: “One of the key strategies many employers are using to reduce health care benefits costs is to boost employee health through preventive health and wellness benefits.”



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